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ActiveStep® - Fall Assessment and Fall Prevention

The ActiveStep family of products provides a range of technologies to challenge and improve an individual’s dynamic balance and to reduce the risk of falling due to a slip or a trip.

ActiveStep is a computer controlled treadmill that simulates common balance challenges such as a bump from behind, a slip on a slick surface, or a stumble over an obstacle.

  • During the activity simulation, the client stands on ActiveStep wearing a support vest over his/her clothes.
  • The client is led through a sequence of simple balance disturbances.
  • Sensors in the vest and on the treadmill record and establish a baseline of step and trunk fall recovery reflexes. [Models GS and ES only]
  • Gradually the client is exposed to more difficult challenges based on his/her abilities and rate of progress over the course of multiple sessions.
  • With each simulation, ActiveStep measures and charts progress, building confidence with each step.

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ActiveStep Product Family


ActiveStep GS ActiveStep ES

System Component

  • Research
  • Outpatient PT
  • Acute rehab
  • In-patient fall prevention
  • Fall history
  • Post-op ortho
  • Stroke
  • Parkinson’s
  • Alzheimer’s

Dynamic Balance Treadmill Simulator

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Interface Console

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Security Arch with Harness

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Dynamic Stability Outcome Report

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Biometric Data

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Referral Management



Recovery Step Sensor

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Trunk Motion Sensor

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Walking Balance Perturbation Module Option

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Step Advisor



Programmable Perturbation Profiler

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External Synch Module



ActiveStep: Neuromuscular Fall Prevention Training

The ActiveStep proprietary training Protocol Sets lead the patient through a sequence of balance challenges. These balance disturbances are used to train and reinforce automatic step and trunk responses that lead to reduced falls compared to the patient’s current movement patterns. The intensity of the perturbations is controlled to provide a non-threatening and progressive learning environment that is safe and comfortable for both active and frail patients.

ActiveStep: Reimbursable

A physician does not have to wait until the next injury to prescribe treatment. There is an ICD-9 code for those that have a history of falls, or where the physician deems there is an elevated risk for falling. Treatment is billable under common, existing CPT codes (CPT Codes 97750, 97110, 97112 and 97116).

For more information:

ActiveStep Sales
Tel: 603.448.2367

ActiveStep Fall Prevention Training System
ActiveStep was developed in part with Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) funding from the National Institute on Aging at the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Dimensions and Specifications

- Base Dimensions: 36.5” w x 80” l x 12.5” h
- Tread Dimensions: 20” w x 54” l
- Maximum weight load: 300 lbs.
- Max Speed: 2.25 m/s (~5 mph)
- Max Acceleration: 25 m/s2
- Adjustable Acceleration: .01 m/s
- Outlet Voltage Minimum Capacity: 120 v
- Amperage: 15A peak, requires Dedicated Electrical Circuit
- Emergency Stop: Re-setting Push Button
- Power Entry Module: Breaker, 15A
- Overall weight: 310 lbs.

Operator Cart and Console
- Dimensions w/o monitor: 29” w x 24” l x 44.5” h
- Dimensions w/ monitor: 29” w x 24” l x 60” h
- Overall weight: 80 lbs.

Security Arch
- Overall height: 8’ 8” (9’6” required for assembly)
- Overall weight: 204 lbs.
- Maximum weight load: 350 lbs.
- Safety harness not included.