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Research and Development supported by the National Institute on Aging at the National Institutes of Health

Why ActiveStep?

Bumps, slips and trips are a part of life. Fortunately our bodies are programmed to keep us on our feet. When a bump, trip or slip happens, a built-in neuromuscular reflex naturally corrects imbalances. But as we age, this reflex begins to diminish, making us more susceptible to falls, injury and loss of independence. With practice and conditioning, however, we can reduce falls by keeping this reflex sharp to stay active and confidently enjoy life.

Until now, there has been no simple and safe way to replicate real world trips and slips to properly condition and sharpen the step recovery response. The new, revolutionary ActiveStep mobility simulator was developed to reduce falls by engaging the critical neuromuscular step and trunk reflexes in response to real life balance challenges.

How It Works

ActiveStep in situ

ActiveStep (patents) is the only product that replicates real-world balance challenges that often result in a fall, such as sudden stops and starts, a bump from behind, a slip on the ice, or a trip over a rock. The ActiveStep mobility simulator comfortably allows one to react to these balance challenges hands free as they would in real life (no bars or handles) to more quickly and effectively condition the proper fall recovery reflex in a controlled setting.

Task Specific Dynamic Neuromuscular Fall Prevention Training

The ActiveStep proprietary training software leads the patient through a sequence of four distinct balance challenges: Standing Balance-Trip, Standing Balance-Slip, Step Recovery and Walking Recovery. These paradigms are used to train and reinforce automatic step and trunk responses that lead to reduced falls compared to the patient's current movement patterns.

ActiveStep Video Demonstrations:

Standing Balance-Trip | Standing Balance-Slip | Step Recovery | Walk Recovery

Assessment - Measurable Results

Screenshot ActiveStep measures, analyzes, and sharpens the dynamic stability, step recovery and trunk control movements that the body uses to prevent a fall. These automatic movements are the ones that will help a person avoid a fall, and reduce the potential for injury. The system measures and records these and other known fall-related biometrics at every step of the training.