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Appoints Alec Jessiman as Development Manager for Rehabilitation and Performance Products.

Lebanon, NH - February 1, 2005 - Simbex LLC, a world-renowned research and development company in the field of active life improvement, today announced their expansion into new product categories with the hiring of Alec Jessiman to lead its new Rehabilitation and Performance Products Business Activity. "Simbex has two types of operations: Internal Research and Development (IRAD) and our on-going Business Activities. We work on a variety of pilot projects in the IRAD group until sustained revenue from sales promotes them to their own Business Activity,"said Dave Bertoni, Director of Product Development.

"We feel fortunate to have a seasoned professional like Alec join the Simbex team in such a key role," said Richard M. Greenwald, PhD, founder and President of Simbex. "The breadth of his advanced research and development experience and his project management experience will be invaluable as we grow and expand our Rehabilitation and Performance Products activity. This not only bolsters Rehabilitation and Performance Products, it strengthens Simbex as a whole."

Jessiman has thirteen years of experience in creating new products with responsibilities in research, development, and design engineering. With degrees in mechanical engineering and biomechanics from MIT and Harvard, he held positions as a senior researcher at Reebok's Biomechanics Research lab and as a Team Leader in Reebok's Advanced Research, Development and Design group. He also developed products using smart materials and technical textiles as a Senior Engineer at Mide Technology Corporation.

"I am extremely excited about the challenge of growing this business activity at Simbex," Jessiman said. "Simbex has pioneered a number of pilot projects that are ready to be taken to the next level. The timing is right and the market demographics are primed for rehabilitation and active life performance products. Helping people live active lives is my passion and has been the focus of my academic and professional careers and is a core value here at Simbex."

One Simbex development in Rehabilitation and Performance Products is IBEX™, Simbex's patented In-Bed Exerciser. IBEX™ is a portable, interactive exerciser to improve leg strength and prevent sarcopenia (muscle wasting) among the elderly and sedentary. Jessiman explained, "We have a number of projects in geriatric rehabilitation, protective equipment, dynamic bracing, body armor and prosthetics that have been under study in our IRAD lab for several years that are ready for the next level of commercialization."

The HIT System and Head Impact Biomechanics Business Activity continues to experience strong growth and is moving forward under the management of Aaron Buck.

About Simbex LLC
Simbex is a research and product development company whose core expertise is biomechanical feedback systems. The company develops marketable products and solutions from emerging technologies for active life improvement in the areas of prosthetics, sports injury prevention and rehabilitation. The founders are internationally recognized experts in their fields and have decades of experience in the area of functional evaluation and efficacy assessment of complex biomechanical systems for the sporting goods, orthopedic and exercise equipment industries. The research branch of the Company is supported in part by grants from the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation. For further information about Simbex, visit the company's Web site at

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