Grow your practice with ActiveStep® dynamic perturbation training

ActiveStep VideoVideo: HouseFit

ActiveStep will intentionally push you off balance so that you can practice catching your balance over and over again

Beth Templin, PT, DPT, GCS

ActiveStep is the ideal tool for fall-recovery training, therapeutic exercise and all types of gait training in a clinical environment.

Empower your patients with the chance to practice fall recovery in a controlled clinical environment.

  • Easy to use pre-programmed protocols
  • Assess patients’ fall risk through a range of dynamic balance tests
  • Train patients to use trunk control and a dynamic step response to overcome various types of perturbations
  • Reevaluate at each appointment to document patient progress
  • Compact footprint and the ability to plug into a standard outlet make it easy to fit into your clinical space

In addition to simulating falls, ActiveStep is a high-quality instrumented walking treadmill that provides detailed information about the patient’s mobility, including: preferred walking speed, step length and width, trunk flexion angle and velocity.

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