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  • Can be used as a standard walking treadmill and as a fall simulator
  • Perturbation profiles mimic trips and slips during standing or walking
  • Use 5 pre-programmed levels of perturbation intensity or set your own
  • The eTRIP™ feature delivers perturbations during specific gait cycle events
  • Perturbations can be customized to occur in any pattern
  • Stance orientation can be changed to deliver lateral perturbations
  • Includes an integrated pressure mat and inertial measurement unit
  • Record trials within ActiveStep software to document outcomes
  • Able to synchronize with external data collection systems
  • Can be plugged into standard 120 volt outlet


Suggested CPT codes:

  • 97110 (Therapeutic exercise)
  • 97112 (Neuromuscular reeducation)


ActiveStep® :

  • 7,980,856

eTRIP™ :

  • 8,246,354
  • 8,622,747
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