ActiveStep® is a valuable and versatile research tool that integrates seamlessly into existing laboratory systems

ActiveStep LabVideo: University of Delaware

“ActiveStep gives our laboratory unique capabilities in evaluating reactive balance and addressing that skill with interventions. It is accurate, precise, and reliable, and Simbex has been responsive to our needs. We have had success in using the device with older adults, individuals with chronic stroke, those with lower-limb amputations, and children with cerebral palsy.  So, the potential for clinical applications is quite broad!”

Jeremy Crenshaw, PhD
University of Delaware, Falls and Mobility Research Laboratory

ActiveStep is essential for biomechanics gait and balance research

  • Versatile treadmill with configurable speed and perturbation capabilities
  • Built in trunk motion analysis with inertial measurement unit on harness
  • Easy sync with your motion capture and EMG systems
  • Lower price point than many instrumented/perturbation treadmills

The fall simulation capabilities of ActiveStep include the ability to induce various types of slips and trips while the subject is standing or walking. The eTRIP™ function allows these perturbations to be delivered precisely at heel strike or toe off during the gait cycle.
The ActiveStep user interface allows the timing and intensity of the belt movements to be customized for specific study requirements. The integrated pressure mat and inertial measurement unit captures kinematic and spatio-temporal variables.

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